Can a herniated disc be completely repaired?

Back pain is a very common problem. A herniated disc is an important cause of back pain. The inside of the disc is completely water and there is no blood flow to it. It receives blood and nutrients from the outside of the disc, and blood flow to it occurs when there is any change in position.

Therefore, people who sit in the same position without changing their position often develop disc problems. This is why the outer annulus of the disc wears quickly. This pain is only in the middle part and does not go down to the leg. Can’t show the exact point. This is back pain caused by a problem going on inside the disc.

The problem of lower back pain that descends from the middle to the leg is caused by a bulging disc. It will come soon. Caused by sudden weight gain. On the side of the disc, there is a nerve to two sides, if you put it on which side is affected, the leg pain will be on that side. Another is back pain caused by engorged breasts.

It doesn’t have to be painful, it’s because the material coming out of the disc is unfamiliar to the body and causes inflammation and swelling. If we want to get rid of our back pain problem completely, we need to pay attention to the place we work and the position we sit in. Many people think that because the disc is misaligned, something at the back has shifted and due to this, if we tilt to any side, the disc will misalign, but there is no such thing. Watch the video below to know more.