Is there sugar? Use this one trick and within a month your sugar level will be normal

Diabetes or diabetes metal is a disease that is seen by many names today. People have many doubts about this. If it comes, what kind of foods can be eaten, at what age does it come, why does it come, what are the problems with high sugar, do you need to take pills constantly, do you need to change your regular diet, will there be any benefits if you change it, etc.

Starch is sugar. This excess starch dissolves directly in the blood as sugar. It turns into fat later on for some. Insulin resistance occurs. PCOD problems in girls are similar. FPs and PPBs are normal but may be diabetic. This can be understood by doing HbA1c test. If we follow a proper diet, we can lower our blood sugar levels within three months.

One way we follow wrongly is the habit of eating less food in the morning, noon and evening and eating more food late at night. This is very wrong and should be completely changed. Boosting gut health is important. Everyone knows to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and instead include foods that are high in fiber content.

Eat millets, broccoli, spinach etc. Depending on how you want to change the food, arrange half of the plate as vegetables and one quarter as rice and fruits. If you eat this way you can see your sugar level coming down to normal within a month. Watch the video below to know more.