Just add it to a glass of water to reduce bloating

We are looking for many ways to reduce belly fat. Stomach ache is not only a problem for many of me but it also causes a lot of health problems. Many people try to lose belly fat through various diets and exercise routines. Most of the time, the stomach is caused due to improper diet, but other reasons can also cause the stomach to develop.

Because in any case, let’s get acquainted with a single tool that can completely replace the gut wire. Not only is it very easy to make, it doesn’t require too many ingredients and can be made quickly. All you need for this is garlic, lemon and water. Take four cloves of garlic, peel it, wash it and crush it. Then pour two cups of water into a bowl.

Then boil it. There is no need to boil it for some time, after boiling it for the required time, keep it aside. How to make it and keep it covered for at least five hours. It can be made in the morning and given in the morning after waking up or it can be made in the morning and drunk before going to bed at night. It should be removed after at least five hours.

After five hours, strain it into a glass. Pour into a glass and squeeze half a piece of lemon in it. Then you have to drink. Its benefits are not only to say that it helps to remove any kind of pain in the body and to remove stomach problems. It is good to drink this every day and it is necessary to have a regular habit of drinking water. It is also a very good recipe that can be made from home. Watch the video below to know more.