Just do this exercise to get rid of knee pain.

Knee pain is an important complication of bone wear. Many people suffer from excruciating knee pain. Knee pain is not the only cause of pain in shoulder and little fingers due to bone loss. Millions of cells in our body die every day. Meanwhile there is rebuilding. For that we need nutrients. This is also happening in our joint. If we don’t have the nutrients we need, regeneration will not happen. Symptoms such as bone stiffness, swelling, etc. can be seen. Knee pain can be prevented if we pay proper attention to our diet.

The supplement we can take from outside, the main thing we need is glucose amine. We can also take magnesium supplement daily. Taking magnesium citrate 300mg daily is very good. A mistake everyone makes is to take calcium only as a supplement. Another thing we need to pay attention to is whether it has vitamin D. Avoid refined oil completely from our diet. Extra virgin coconut oil is worth looking into. Eating a good amount of leafy greens can help prevent knee pain. Worms are best eaten in salt or syrica.

We can avoid bone wear and tear through exercise. Exercise should be done along with diet. A very effective exercise is to lie down as usual and take a turkey or a thick cloth folded in a round shape and place it below the knee. Then give it a little press on the knee. Then the leg will be slightly raised. Do this for a minute and then relax for 30 minutes. Do it again for 1 minute. This can be reduced by exercising. Watch the video below for another exercise and more.