Symptoms of kidney disease and the body. Facts to know.

Kidney problems are becoming more and more common today. Due to increase in urea and creatine levels, it is understood that it affects kidney health. When the kidney is not working properly, it affects the other functions of the body which we can see on the surface. There are some early symptoms. Urinary incontinence, not mild incontinence.

This is a symptom. Then do tests like urine microalbumin. Usually less than 25. Diabetes can seriously affect the kidneys if not controlled. High BP and obesity can also affect the kidneys. Puffiness around the eyes, watery face, swollen legs, etc. are the first signs of kidney problems.

The swelling occurs mainly in the leg area and there is a fluid that drains out when touched. Excessive fatigue etc. are also symptoms. Symptoms include feeling like drinking water and not passing urine properly. Even if you have these minor symptoms, do tests and do routine urine tests. These are tests that can be done without any huge expenses.

So if you have all the symptoms in any way then do this test. Pay attention to these things. It can be reversed by seeing the doctor and following the doctor’s instructions. If the health of the kidney is going to get worse, other difficulties and names such as dialysis will have to be done. If this is done, the level of creatine can be changed to the normal stage of 1.2 only by kidney transplant. Be aware of these things. Watch the video below to know more.