They also should not take reduced blood flow lightly

Peripheral varicose disease is a condition in which blood flow to the legs is reduced. It is also known as PVD. The main reason for DVD is our lifestyle. PVD is mainly caused by smoking. Not only do smokers suffer from reduced blood flow to the hands and feet, but people with lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol are more likely to stop the blood flow to our hands and feet. which decreases. One is a condition where the blood flow stops suddenly and can be seen in the morning or at night with a sudden loss of blood flow.

This condition should not be taken lightly as it can affect the mobility of our feet. After coming here, there is a situation where we have to amputate our legs. When the nails are cut on the feet or hands, the blood turns black. Coloring shows that the race is slowing down. This is an important symptom. It is important to recognize this and get the right treatment right away. Pain while walking and some people have leg ulcers are other symptoms. It is best to get tests done as soon as you feel the sores and pain while walking.

There are many types of treatment which can be reduced by the drugs shown in the beginning. When it becomes too much we have to do the operation itself. One of the most popular treatment methods is endovascularization. It is a method of injecting blood into the body through needles. It is also a treatment method that is used by about 80% of people. Many varieties of cheeses are available today for less. It is enough to understand the deficiency as soon as it occurs and take treatment immediately. To know more, watch the video below