5 Things to Do to Fight Cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced in all cells of all living organisms. Good cholesterol is called LDL and bad cholesterol is called HDL. It is best to keep total cholesterol below 200. If it is above 250, the doctor can prescribe medicines. If it is above 300, you should definitely take medicine. Our lifestyles like smoking, alcohol habits, diet and other factors affect cholesterol.

Doctors say that it is better to take medicine if there are more than two dressing factors. Everyone has a doubt whether or not to take medicine immediately after cholesterol. But some cholesterol does not require medication. It can be completely reversed without medication. Fasting liquid profile test is the only way to get the correct result.

Know what are the things that make us prone to cholesterol. Look at things like age, family history, having diseases like diabetes, our bad habits, diet and lack of exercise. If there are more than two risk factors, taking static medicines can help us prevent heart problems. In terms of food, cholesterol is not caused by eating more meat and fish.

Mainly because of cholesterol. From foods with a higher glycemic index. By controlling our diet, we can lose fat and thereby reduce the risk of cholesterol. Proper dieting as prescribed by doctors and recommended by good dieticians helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video below to know more.