A torn leg is easy to fix

Cracked soles of the feet are a common problem today, regardless of age. It varies from person to person with some coming and going seasonally and others being constant. If the tick is on the skin, it will go away if you buy petroleum jelly and apply it. But when the swelling is deep, severe pain occurs. The skin on the feet is usually thicker.

It is a little too much for some people and this causes breakouts. This increase is called callis formation. In this way, where there is formation on the foot, when friction comes, the bread is broken. One important reason is obesity. It is seen by people who work from another continuously. Therefore, traffic police officers, teachers etc.

are mostly seen in this way. Another reason is that the ground is colder today with more houses and tiled marbles. From this, there are problems like cracking of the leg while working. Housewives get cracking. Many seemingly trivial problems cause lameness. For example, when we choose shoes, when we choose shoes that are not the correct size.

the foot part of the foot constantly rubs against the grain, and due to this, there is a risk of cracking. Even if our body does not get enough water, it occurs. This happens even when nutrients such as copper and zinc are low. Prolonged contact with water is also a cause. Be careful to balance the excess weight. Use aloe vera b. Use good pure coconut oil. Keep your feet clean. Pay attention to things like that. Watch the video below to know more.