A dye can be made from banana pulp to darken hair

We use store-bought henna and dyes to darken our hair. But without buying anything from the shop, we can make a natural hair dye that we can keep for a long time. How about this, all it needs is a bunch of bananas. For this purpose, the trunk of the gourd is used. After peeling it, cut it into small pieces using scissors and put it in water.

Soak in water for 10 minutes. Then take a lemon and cut it in half and put it in the mixing jar. Put this bunch of bananas into it. Grind it into a paste. Then it should be filtered. It is enough for us to take only juice. Take half a glass from it and keep it aside and cover the rest. Add two spoons of henna powder to half a cup and mix it.

Take it in a loose paste so that it does not get lumpy. It is meant to be juiced. Take an old iron kettle and pour the juice into it. Then mix the mixed henna and this mixture. Then mix it well. Then heat it well and boil it. Keep stirring while cooking. Drain to a fine paste. You can see the color change.

Keep stirring or it may curdle. It should be used the next day and then set it aside. By the next day, it will have thickened to a nice black color. You must have got only a few. Now it is our body, a small piece of it is enough to use for a time. After taking one or two pieces, mix it with aloe vera water or plain water and apply it on your hair. We can use it for a while. The video is given below. See.