Moringa leaves are enough to blacken hair. Here’s how to make it

There are many ways we take to turn gray hair black. We use different types of hair dyes and creams to darken our hair. It also causes more damage to our hair. We can easily blacken ourselves at home. For this we need moringa leaves which are found in our homes. By making and using moringa leaf hair dye, we can get a positive change.

For this, take some moringa leaves, wash them well and take some leaves and keep them. Then put two tablespoons of tea powder and one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water. After it boils well we can keep it aside. Mix the soaked moringa leaves and two panikurka leaves and pour some of this boiled water into it and grind it well.

It should be ground into a paste. Grind the paste into a saucepan and add a teaspoon of gooseberry powder and some henna powder or henna powder to it. It can be taken out when it is well cooked. It should be used only the next day. It can be seen in black form on the next day. It can be applied to our hair, beard and moustache.

It should be applied on the head in a good way so that it can be on all the hair. It should be done only after one hour after applying it on the head. After an hour, the head can be washed off with water. We can see a positive change in just one use. This hair dye is very easy to make yourself and gives results in no time. We don’t have any other kind of problems as we don’t add any chemicals. Watch the video below for more information.