There is no easier way to darken your hair

Gray hair is seen today from young to old age. We can quickly turn the colored hair black. We can easily make our own hair dye that can be used on the head, mustache and beard without any damage. What is needed for this is chiratta that occurs in our homes. Take two sheets. After taking the chiratta, put some camphor in it and burn it.

Keep it aside after it burns completely. After it cools well, grind it in a mixer. Grind it and filter it in another bowl. Take a spoonful of the sifted powder and add half a tea spoonful of avanakanna and nilayamari to it and mix it well. After mixing it well, you can apply it all over your head and mustache.

Apply it well on the head. Apply it on the head for at least half an hour and then wash it off. No other chemicals are added so there are no stains. This is a very easy hair dye that we can make at home. You will get a positive change in just one use. Many types of creams, dyes etc.

are used to darken the hair. But it does not give accurate results. And there are many other problems with its use. But using this homemade hair is not harmful for us. Using this hair dye which is very easy to make by yourself will give us instant results. It is also a hair dye that can be used equally by all ages. Watch the video below to know more.