Is Cholesterol Your Stress? You can lower cholesterol yourself in these ways

There is good and bad cholesterol.An increase in bad cholesterol causes many health problems. Cholesterol is essential to our body to some extent. By increasing the good cholesterol in the body through a healthy diet, we can reduce the bad cholesterol. Many types of problems are experienced due to cholesterol.

Arterial thickening leads to reduced blood flow, leading to problems such as heart attacks. Cholesterol is a potentially fatal disease. If we do not pay attention to cholesterol in the right way, memory loss, numbness in hands and feet, and lack of blood flow will occur. But we can fix it ourselves to some extent.

For this we need to make proper changes in our diet. Usually we hear not to eat eggs. But eating eggs in moderation is very beneficial for cardiovascular problems and health. Eggs can be eaten once or twice in every nine months. Reduce milk, milk products and ghee from your diet. Aloe vera is one of the most valuable medicinal plants. Aloe vera gel taken every morning on an empty stomach with some turmeric powder helps to reduce cholesterol to some extent. Be careful with garlic and red onion in your diet.

Eating red onion fried in olive oil can help reduce cholesterol by up to 90%. It is sure to bring a positive change. Sprouted pulses are also good. It is also good to eat leafy greens, fruits like limes and nuts like dates. Boiling curry leaves and drinking water is very beneficial. Drinking boiled water with small fishes, figs, turmeric and ginger is also very good for our body. We can easily prevent many of our health problems through this type of proper diet. Just watch this video to know more.