Is there garlic? Cholesterol can be eliminated

The health of our gut influences auto-immunity. Mainly the lack of gut health causes diseases like gout. According to new studies, when Prevotella coprea bacteria increase in the stomach, the amount of bacteria needed by our stomach decreases. Bacteria such as Lactobacillus are reduced due to increased growth of Prevotella coprea bacteria.

When this occurs, auto-immunity is created and it destroys our own cells. When the health of the gut is not proper, unwanted bacteria enter the blood and through it reach the joints and autoimmune diseases occur. It does not matter if it is treated externally, care should be given in the way necessary to increase gut health. Gut health should be improved to prevent gout.

Probiotics are an important part of that. This increases the growth of good bacteria. Can be taken as a probiotic supplement. Yogurt and spinach are important foods that provide probiotics without supplementation. Eating broccoli can reduce inflammation. It is also good for bone health. Eat plenty of calcium-rich foods. It does not matter if you only get calcium, if you have enough vitamin D in your body, the absorption of calcium and phosphorus can take place.

Eat seeds like sesame seeds, which contain enough calcium. Eating cheese will also help you get enough calcium. Calcium strengthens bones. Reducing is good. Do the exercises. Include antioxidants in your diet. Ginger, turmeric and garlic are anti-oxidants. It is better to chew garlic. Now garlic mixes with saliva to form alitin. It can even reduce the fat that is stuck in our blood vessels. Good for lowering cholesterol. Watch the video below to know more.