How to eat Chyavanaprasam? What are the benefits of eating?

Many people have heard that the medicine called Chyavanaprasam is very good for immunity. But it gives many health benefits not only for immunity. The first thing you need to make this is gooseberry. It is made by adding many herbs like ghee, honey, tipali, gooseberry etc. And it can be made only in the season when good gooseberry is available. This lehyam can be used as a remedy for many problems affecting the lungs. Also, taking this lehya helps prevent heart disease.

Using it can help prevent premature graying of the hair, starting from its strength. Using this lehya can also help prevent bone diseases like gout. As far as Rasayana is concerned it helps to stimulate our nerves. It helps in brain development and memory loss. Using this lehya helps a person who is thin and unhealthy to put on normal weight and become healthy. It also provides good antioxidants. This is a lehya that can be eaten by any brand. People with diabetes can buy sugar-free Chyavanaprasam. For children.

half a teaspoon of five to 10 grams a day is sufficient. Large people can take 10 to 15 grams of one teaspoon of Chyavanaprasha daily. If you drink boiled milk after 10 minutes of taking this lehyam, you can see good results. Also consuming it daily will help our digestive system. Chyavanaprasham is a Lehya with many such qualities. Watch the video below for more details.