Just add it with salt to get rid of itchiness

Everyone has heard of the disease called ringworm. It is usually seen in teenage kids or hostel dwellers. It is caused by a parasite that grows in our body. When ringworm or worm bites occur, it is unpleasant itching. This circular itch is usually found in the armpit or under the belly below the navel and in a round shape.

Many people do not say this openly, instead they go to the store and buy some medicine and use it. In the first stage, there is only itching and then the skin becomes irritated and bacteria growth increases. It can be transmitted by sharing the same bed sheet, using the same pillow case, using a dress, and so on.

If it reaches our body, within one or two weeks, itchy red spots are formed on the body. If this happens, the first thing to do is to wash and dry the clothes or clothes used by the person who has it in hot water. Even if it is not suitable for washing, after washing, dry it in the sun. If this cannot be prevented, wash thoroughly with a body lotion with anti-microbial activity.

Use something like Dettol. If all the dust comes out, wash your body well before going to bed and go to sleep. There is a home remedy that we can make to prevent this. For this, take three teaspoons of Tribala powder, add signature to it, boil it, filter it and start the body with this water. Watch the video with Widow to know more.