How to remove calcium deposits in blood vessels

We have heard that calcium gets stuck in the blood vessels and it becomes complicated. But calcium deposits on the outside of the artery is a normal process. It can get inside the blood vessels and cause a blockage, which often leads to serious conditions. It also makes angioplasty difficult.

Calcium deficiency is more common in the elderly and people with diabetes. Also, it is seen in people who have kidney related diseases and those who are undergoing dialysis. There are some things that should be taken care of during anchioplasty in such people. Advanced imaging systems should be used to determine the size and location of the tumor.

Angioplasty should be done with the help of two advanced technologies, IUS and OCT. We can remove calcium by rotablation. How is it? Another advanced technology is IVL. In other words, it removes calcium from the heart like kidney stones. The feature is that the shock wave is passed and there is a break in the calcium layers, and through it.

the calcium can be removed in a smooth way. Today, there are such advanced techniques available that we can perform angioplasty in any complicated situation. The best thing to do is to use imaging technology. Be aware of such things. Although calcium build-up is common, it is important to know what type it is. Watch the video below to know more.