If you are feeling cold and can’t sleep, be aware of these things.

Anemia is a problem seen in many people. We call it anemia. This is a problem that is seen in both children and adults alike. But many people do not realize this. It is only when the blood test is done that it is understood that B’s difficulties were due to anemia. Anemia is caused by a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.

The function of hemoglobin is to supply oxygen to our body. An average male needs about 14 hemoglobin. For women, 12 and above is required. Problems like memory loss occur when oxygen does not reach the brain properly. You can see such difficulties in children. If you touch your body when it is cold, you can feel a little warmth.

As the amount of nyla cloth decreases, this heat will decrease and it will feel extremely cold. To make matters worse, muscle cramps occur regularly at night. If this is the case, it can be said that they are deficient. A red color can then be seen when pressing the tip of the finger, but people with low chemoglobin levels do not see this. Feeling of dryness, if you walk up the hill, you suddenly get shivery and sweat, you feel a swelling of the head, so the condition of not sleeping well at night has started.

the symptoms are due to the decrease of hemoglobin. If we don’t eat the nutrients our body needs, it can’t absorb them. If there is excessive bleeding during menstruation, there is a possibility of causing anemia. Include foods that can provide more iron content in our body. Regular consumption of raisins can help increase iron. it’s good . Using bran oil should also be used with bran rice. Watch the video below to know more.