Know the cause of intermittent fever and phlegm

Today, the diseases like fever, cough and phlegm are increasing day by day mostly in children. The main cause of these diseases is due to low immunity. The main reason for this is our changing food style. Eating too many foods like fast food and a variety of sweet treats like bakery is the cause of many of our health problems.

Moreover, today children don’t go out to play or engage in exercise, instead they play games on mobile laptops and the like. This affects their body, health and mind in a bad way. Today we mostly eat oily bites and chunky foods whether in the evening or not. It is very harmful to our body. A normal body needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

It is necessary to be able to control all this and maintain our health in a proper way by increasing immunity. A proper lifestyle is required for this. Today, 90% of people are deficient in D. Include plenty of vitamin rich foods in our diet. Vitamin D is an essential element in our body. Include leafy greens and vegetables like spinach and drumstick in your diet.

Eat small fish rich in omega-3, such as aila sardines. Exercising at least five days a week is a great solution to many of our health problems. Eating more sour foods like oranges, gooseberries and lemons that are rich in vitamin C also helps in boosting the immune system. By including foods rich in vitamins and nutrients in our diet and avoiding fast food, we can prevent health problems. To know more, just watch the video below.