If you do this, cholesterol won’t stop you at all

Lifestyle changes lead us to various health problems. Cholesterol is the most common disease in children and adults. The main cause of these types of problems is our improper diet and lifestyle. Cholesterol comes in two forms, good and bad. In this, good cholesterol is necessary for our body and bad cholesterol is dangerous.

Bad cholesterol can even cause heart attacks. We can find a solution for this. For this, we just need to go with our proper diet and lifestyle. Fasting is the main way to help lower cholesterol. There are many different types of fasting. Fasting for 12 to 16 hours is best. Fasting can prevent most of the health problems in our body.

Fasting without even drinking water is most effective. Another way to get cholesterol is through genetics. If any of the parents have lifestyle diseases such as cholesterol, children should be tested as a precaution. Usually we all hear that people with cholesterol should not eat eggs. But egg white has many benefits for our health. Eating enough eggs does not cause other problems. A major cause of high cholesterol is eating sweets such as baked goods. Also, junk food also contributes to cholesterol to some extent.

Don’t eat too much of things like rice and instead eat lots of fruits and drink water. It is very good to include plenty of leafy greens and vegetables in your diet. It is also good to eat small fish like sardines and aila. By including these types of foods, avoiding starchy foods, and exercising properly, we can control cholesterol. To know more, just watch the video below.