If left untreated, kidney failure can occur

There are many types of kidney diseases. Just because the creatine in the blood is high when we test, we don’t need to panic. EGFR is the measure of how healthy our kidneys are. If the EGFR test is up to 90, it shows that we have a small kidney problem. It indicates that kidney problem is coming even if there is no serious problem.

This is stage 1. Stage 1, State 2, and Stage 3 do not cause serious problems. If the EGFR is below 20 and 15, there is a possibility of stage 4 and stage 5. Symptoms of stage 1 include a slight strain in the urine, a pungent odor to the urine, and yellow colored urine. When stage 3 is reached, there are symptoms such as watery eyes, watery feet, and anemia.

Stage 4 and 5 feel very tired and exhausted. The water is held in place without going out and gets stuck in many places. The immune system is also greatly reduced. Our body should get good fats like butter and eggs. Another thing to watch out for is the use of salt. Minimize signature overuse. A quarter of a teaspoon of salt a day is all that is needed, even though a signature is required. Treatments, medicines and diets should be taken for us only with proper guidance from the doctor. Watch the video below to know more.