Natural recipe to prevent excessive hair growth in women

Excessive hair growth is one of the major problems faced by most of the women today. Excessive hair growth seen in the beard, mustache and chest areas causes many problems. Hair growth occurs in this way because of the difference in hormones. Menstruation is usually not regular in people who have excessive hair growth.

Often, this type of excessive hair growth is seen in people with PCOD. People who are overweight or obese are also more likely to develop hair growth in this way. The first thing is to identify the cause of hair growth and choose the appropriate treatment methods. If obesity is the cause, we can control hair growth through food and lifestyle.

It is also good to reduce the consumption of fast food and excessive sweets. Hair growth can also occur due to regular intake of some medicines. We can reduce hair growth to some extent at home. For this we can take equal amount of papaya and turmeric and mix it and apply it on the hairy parts in the form of a face pack. After an hour we can change it with hot water or cotton cloth. This method helps to give a good change. Also it can be reduced by mixing it with honey and sugar and then applying it on the hairy parts.

It is very good when mixed with honey. Also, papaya, turmeric, honey and sugar can be mixed with these three and can be washed off with warm water after one hour. This is a method that gives results very quickly. Without choosing other treatment methods, we can eliminate hair growth to some extent by using a pack that we can prepare at home. If the cause of hair growth is first identified and if it is due to reasons like PCOD, obesity, then the solution should be found. To know more, just watch the video below.