Ways to reduce flatulence

Estimates say that 40% of people in Kerala today are overweight. There are different types of diets to lose fat as well as different types of exercises. A lot of people do this and many people are able to lose weight. But the problem is that the stomach does not decrease. There is also the problem of not feeling the fat loss just because the belly is not going down.

Belly fat is seen in people who drink too much food, especially those who consume things like beer. Exercising is very good and practice can reduce belly flops. Three types of abdominal exercises can be performed. How to do the first one, lie down as usual, put the other hand behind the head.

then hold the shoulder up for 15-30 seconds and then bring it back to the normal position. As for the second exercise, lie in the same position and lift your legs instead of your shoulders. Try to lift your legs up to 90 degrees. Take 15 to 30 seconds for this too. How about the third exercise but lie down and lift your shoulder and leg at the same time.

Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds. Pulling the belly in is a good thing to do while standing still. The abdominal muscle then contracts and then relaxes as the muscle relaxes. So the contraction of the muscle takes place there. It is a method that none of us pay much attention to but is very effective in reducing belly fat. By doing these exercises, you can reduce belly fat. Watch the video below to know more.