How to prevent bone loss Know what foods to eat.

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones. This can be seen in two ways. Primary and Secondary. Usually occurs for no other reason. Secondary means due to some other disease. This is seen in those who regularly take other drugs and regularly use steroids. Mainly smoking and drinking are very bad things.

Both of these cause the bones to weaken. These are the reasons to immediately replace the bone. So stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Then there is our way of life. Mainly the problem is that the diet is wrong. Calcium is very important for bone health. If calcium is low in the blood, the necessary calcium is taken from the bones.

then the strength of the bones will decrease. It does not matter if only calcium is present, vitamin D is needed in the body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D decreases in the body and calcium absorption decreases. Getting a good exposure to the sun can help increase vitamin D in the body. For those who are vitamin deficient, take vitamin D supplements externally.

Those with weak bone strength should be treated later. Weight wiring exercises are the exercises to do to increase LED strength. Like walking and jogging. It is better to do these exercises early ie before the bone pain starts to prevent such problems. And if you recognize the pain of rice in any way, immediately see the doctor and take the necessary treatments and medicines along with changing the diet and doing exercises. Watch the video below to know more.