Stomach throbbing won’t go away no matter what you do? This is why

Obesity is seen today from young to old people alike. Obesity causes many problems to us. Obesity is the cause of most of the health problems we have. Our changing lifestyle and eating habits are to some extent the cause of obesity. The ratio between height and weight of a normal person is said to be 100 less than the length and the average person’s.

normal weight. If it is more than that then he is said to be obese. People who are overweight have many types of problems such as wheezing, snoring, knee pain, etc. while walking for a short distance. Eating rice foods containing starch is one of the main reasons for our weight gain. Rice foods should be eaten in the morning and at night.

Water is the most necessary element for our body, we should drink at least three liters a day. It is very good to eat eggs in the morning. lBoiled eggs and curry, eating eggs is good for our body. Good protein is obtained from eggs, if good proteins reach our body, excess weight is reduced.

It is better to choose the method of eating less than three meals instead of six meals. After drinking morning tea at 11 o’clock you can drink unsweetened juice and tea. You should include boiled vegetables with lunch. To get good bacteria in our body, we should include curd and buttermilk in our diet. Eat more bakery items, eat less fast food and junk food. Coconut provides good fat to our body so eat coconut. Also eat foods and salads containing omega three such as pistachios and walnuts. Watch the video below to know more.